Buford's Gourmet Sauce Catalog

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Buford's Floozy Sauce...the most unusually delicious sauce you'll ever taste.

Spiky horseradish and hot black pepper are tempered by the sweetness of marmalade for a sauce that is as unique as it is tasty. Buford's Floozy Sauce is a gourmet sauce that is great mixed into burgers, as a topping for cream cheese, a dipping sauce for any kind of shrimp, as a BBQ sauce for chicken, fish, beef and steaks, or use it as a grilling sauce for that perfectly flavorful but low calorie finish. Floozy Sauce is fantastic on just about any food you'd like to add a sweet punch to. Now available in garlic as well as habanero flavors, Buford's Floozy Sauce is sure to become a kitchen staple!

As well as Buford's Original Floozy Sauce line, Buford's is proud to have a wonderful assortment of jams, jellies, marmalades, dips, grilling sauces, butters, marinades, rubs and dressings. With over 100 sauces to choose from, and a very fine array of food sauces from Braswell's of Georgia, our online store is perfect for stocking the pantry or building a gift basket for friends and family. Remember to sign up for our newsletter to receive discounts and invitations to tastings and special events, as well as keep up to date with everything Floozy Sauce.